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An Experienced
Medical Device Manufacturer

Our VersaStim® neuromodulation technology platforms can be modified to meet with a number of medical device therapy applications. It is programmable and adaptable with provisions for either discrete electronics or future ASIC designs, single or multiple batteries, primary or rechargeable, along with various telemetry schemes, with the purpose of addressing a variety of medical conditions such as chronic pain, incontinence, Parkinson’s, diabetic neuropathy, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and others.


Manufacturing and Cleanroom Facilities

Med-Ally has a 3,000-square-foot Class 7 cleanroom outfitted with hermetic enclosure welding capabilities which include a robotically operated glovebox, fine-pitch lasers, winders (leads), molding, and more, along with an extensive manufacturing facility space that balances capital equipment requirements for development and testing. The facility is part of a secure fenced-in compound accessible through a guarded entrance.


Located in Goose Creek, South Carolina, Med-Ally's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is part of the Bushy Park industrial area, near major Charleston ports. This strategic positioning enhances our production efficiency and global distribution capabilities, demonstrating our commitment to delivering top-quality medical devices from a hub known for its manufacturing excellence.

Our Story


In 2011, post a recapitalization of a previous employer, Raja Hitti and John Mulvihill decided on next business steps to continue with the effort to fill an unmet need in the Bioelectronic Active Implantable Medical Device arena. Capitalizing on decades of experience in the medical device industry, holding key leadership positions at giants like Siemens and Johnson & Johnson with solid academic credentials, a startup client collaborative and enriching alternative was envisioned. Our focus was to break down barriers, accelerate outcomes, remove myths and falsehoods, and ultimately serve patients in need with previously unavailable technology and ‘un-shelved’ devices. Thus Med-Ally was born, sparked in a moment of personal resolve and friendship, where lemonade was suggested as the appropriate beverage of choice given the lemons they were just served. This gesture underscored their shared belief in resilience and opportunity, partnership in spirit, and fiduciary in application, laying the foundation for what Med-Ally has become today.

Med-Ally quickly grew from this vision into a significant player in the medical device sector, with the VersaStim neuromodulation platform standing as a testament to the company's innovative acceleration approach. VersaStim, in its fourth generation, designed to address a range of conditions from movement disorders to chronic pain, applied in SCS, SNS, DBS, and others, exemplifies Med-Ally's commitment to cutting-edge technology that meets diverse therapeutic needs. Beyond its products, Med-Ally has become a trusted partner to major organizations and companies, collaborating to push the boundaries of what's possible in medical treatment.


The Med-Ally Team

The Med-Ally team is at the heart of our innovation-driven culture, dedicated to solving complex problems and advancing medical technology. Our success is built on strong relationships and a shared passion for making a real difference, making every team member a vital part of Med-Ally's excellence.


Looking for a new challenge?

We're on the lookout for creative minds across multiple disciplines, driven by innovation and a passion for making a difference. Our team is deeply committed to improving patient outcomes, offering solutions that ultimately lead to better health and longer lives.

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